Customer Comments

Ernestine at Macon, GA
"Thank you'll for you thoughtfulnness and promptly getting the mattress sent to me, I really sleep good.."

Shannon in Atlanta, GA
"Thank you so much for making special arrangements to have a mattress set delivered to Atlanta. I will always be a loyal customer to the "Georgia Sleep Shop" .."

James Madison Inn
"When guests enters in the room, they say it is so beautiful, and when they leave they comment how wonderful the bed is and ask where it came from. They just love them. We could not be more satisfied with the product and the service.."

Mary in Riverdale, GA
"The cuddler Ensemble is the best mattress set we have had. My bed ruffles stay in place now. After having three sets in my home, I must have two more sets for my Blue Ridge Mtn. house."

Dale in Conyers, GA
"Wonderful bed"

Joe in Buckhead, GA
"It is a very good mattress. My back has felt better since we got it."

Chris in Madison, GA
"Sleeps wonderfully. Thank you so much for a quality product."

James in Rutledge, GA
"Very Satisfied, sleeps good."

Tom in Eatonton, GA
"Comfortable mattress. Prompt friendly delivery,"

Eugene in Madison, GA
"We love the Cuddler Ensemble, now I don't have to get up in the middle on the night to realign my mattress. A Fine product."

James in Eatonton, GA
"We are very pleased with our purchase o the Cuddler Ensemble."

Geraldine in Maysville, GA
"Everything I've heard about the Cuddler Ensemble is true. Thanks."

Robert in Madison, GA
"My back is much better since sleeping on the Cuddler Ensemble, I had the Beauty Rest picked up. Now my entire family owns a Cuddler Ensemble mattress set."

Libby in Gainsville, FL
"We love the Cuddler Ensemble. Thanks for letting us pick one up at your factory."

Bill in Watkinsville, GA
"We appreciate the quality of the Cuddler Ensemble, and we have recommended it to many people."

Ruth in Franklin, NC
"I thought the mattress at my Florida home was nice until I slept on the Cuddler Ensemble in our mountain home, now I want two more sets in Florida. You are nice people to do business with."

Steve in Madison, GA
"I recommend the Cuddler Ensemble to all my friends. Best mattress ever."

Albert in Athens, GA
"Fantastic! We want two more set for our Myrtle Beach, SC home."

Russell in Madison, GA
"Enjoying our Cuddler Ensemble, now my daughter in college must have one too."

Jimmy in Madison, GA
"My Cuddler Ensemble is 18 yrs old, and still looks good, and I am recommending it to all my friends."

Randy in Bishop, GA
"A very fine product with the self-aligning boxspring. My sheets and bedruffles stay in place, and the mattress is super."

Florida in Madison, GA
"Bobby, I slept better last night than I ever have. You must put something special in your Cuddler Ensemble sets."

Curtis in Milledgeville, GA
"The Cuddler Ensemble is fine. My two boys want the same kind."

Cathy in Greensboro, GA
"I wanted the best mattress sets for my lake rental house. Glad I chose the 5 sets of the Cuddler Ensemble. The quality and delivery service was fine."

Joanne in Huntsville, AL
"Pleased to find an outlet that I could pick up the Cuddler Ensemble, we could not find them here. They are fine."