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What WE put into The Cuddler Ensemble®
What YOU get from The Cuddler Ensemble®
» Firmness and stabilization of The Cuddler Ensemble® » Eliminates need for boards between mattress and boxsprings
» The "SELF-ALIGNING"®™ foundation Edge Support » Provides a firmer border and a full width sleeping surface
» Unique "SELF-ALIGNING"®™ foundation » Cuddles its own mattress and holds sheets and ruffles in place
» Luxurious deep quilted premium covering » Long lasting, comfortable support
» Convoluted foam » Lets air flow through the mattress, keeping it fresh and airy and equalizes body pressure points
» Layers of quality cushioning » Comfort that last the life of your mattress
» Insulation » Eliminates unnecessary bed noise
» Quality innerspring unit » The complete ensemble has long lasting support
» Available in all standard & custom sizes » All standard bedding fits and stays in place
» Evaluated by Cornell and Rollator testing. 100,000 cycles @ 230 lbs. showed no dammage » Proven quality and long life to safeguard your mattress investment
» Convenient handles » Mattress turning is made easy



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