The Cuddler Ensemble® Self-Aligning™ mattress incorporates a unique patented foundation that holds the boxspring foundation and mattress together for a perfect fit with absolutely no movement.

Designed and manufactured with the highest quality and craftsmanship at the same location since 1979, it provides firm support, yet the good feel of a soft top to give a calm peaceful rest!

The Cuddler Ensemble® is available is standard and custom sizes. It has been tested by Cornell and Roller for 100,000 cycles at 230 pound and showed no damage.

Born out of the problems of...
... mattresses sliding off of its foundation,
... sheets popping off of the corners of the mattress,
... bed ruffles needing constant adjustment and
... instead of getting up rested, awakening tired and frustrated.

The Cuddler Ensemble® has the signature of the man who gave it birth,